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Progress Update: The quotes are in and a lot of work has been done to fine tune and cost cut them. We have now decided upon a contractor, a kitchen manufacturer, and all that's left is to find the funding. Funding bids are in and awaiting responses...

WC Improvements -

It's no secret that our loos have been in need of an update for a long time. The journey towards getting this done has been long and its not over yet, but we're making progress...

The document below is the latest design proposal from our architect. Below this there are some explanatory notes to help you understand the what and why of it all.

At the top the document you will see some 'controls', these allow you to zoom in and out (use + and -) and make the image full screen (use the 4 arrows).

At the very bottom of the page you should find a 'Feedback' form where you can ask questions or leave feedback.

Please do not make copies of the document or forward them on to others.

The What? and Why? of the design...

As you may have realised the new toilets fit into the existing toilet block, but the layout is completely different. You will notice that the toilets are contained within one single area with a number of individual cubicles, as opposed to the existing layout of an individual male and female block. Here are some of the reasons why this is the proposed layout...

  • Creating one block with multiple individual cubicles creates space to include both a full 'Accessible Toilet' as well as a 'Family Room' for baby change, toddler care, multiple child etc. facilities.

  • This layout gives a large amount of versatility to meet a wide range of activities within the building. Here are some examples:

    • It allows control of available toilets - for example, when we have children's activities it will be possible to reduce the number of available toilets to avoid hiding and grouping.

    • It will make it possible to close off a single unit where there is need for cleaning or repair without impacting the other units.

    • It allows flexibility of gender allocation - for example, should we have a Women's Event it would be helpful to increase the Female facilities as Male facilities will be in less demand (and vice-versa of course). On occasions where there is hugely increased foot flow (special events like weddings, funerals etc) it will be possible to allocate some units as Unisex to help alleviate waiting times.

  • It is considered that individual cubicles alongside dedicated family facilities create a better safeguarding environment for the protection of the young or vulnerable.

  • You may have noticed two cubicles labeled 'Ambulatory'. These are general use toilets which also include grab rails and are slightly wider to accommodate people who need a little more support but not necessarily a 'Fully Accessible' facility.

  • Each cubicle contains a toilet, hand wash basin, and hand dryer. This enables a high level of hygiene with reduced risk of cross-contamination. Each cubicle has its own air extraction to reduce the risk of nasty smells.

  • All cubicles are accessed from a communal area (instead of isolated male and female lobbies as we currently have). This helps to create the necessary space, but also allows for easy movement. You may have noticed there are two doorways leading to the facilities (the same as we currently have), these allow easy entry and exit and can be individually allocated as such if needed (Covid restrictions or busy times). To create easier access for wheelchair, mobility aid, or pushchair users these will be openings and not physical doors.


You will notice that there is a small cleaning cupboard. This will contain space for a sink, mops and buckets etc and secure storage of chemicals. Space for other cleaning material storage will be made elsewhere in a suitable and accessible location.


The flooring will be sealed vinyl. This is very hard wearing, non-slip, and easy to clean. Walls in the communal area will be simply painted in a neutral and easy to maintain colour (Magnolia or White for example). Inside the cubicles the walls may be either 'tiled' or 'White Rock' (plastic which can be in colours other than white), there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Lighting will be switched on and off automatically (at least within the cubicles) to reduce the risk of them being left on at the end of the day.

The proposal has been developed through discussions with the architect and input from a sub-group of the Deaconate. Where claims to better safeguarding and ease of foot flow have been made, these have been discussed with safeguarding specialists and people who have a knowledge of public buildings and schools.

These are firm proposals for your consideration and feedback - we truly want to know what you think and feel about this. We do intend however to move this forward in the near future so please make your comments and ask your questions soon using the 'Feedback Form' below or by contacting Pastor Paul directly by email or phone. We'll let you know when things are progressing further. 

Kitchen Improvements -

Our kitchen, although it has served very well, has needed attention for a number of years and frustratingly has been out of commission for the past couple of years completely. This has had a big impact in our ability to cater for fellowship or social events. Designs have been obtained for a new kitchen, one that meets all food hygeine and safe and healthy needs, will be flexible for whatever the function, and durable for many years to come.

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